About us

Tallermocasin is a artisan group, specializing in making moccasins, working on an idea of ​​José Pérez Luís Aguiar and Mayte Garcia.

The website gives you the opportunity to interact with customers from the workshop and a moccasin to acquire virtually on demand, at your convenience by choosing between: patterns, sizes, colors.


Your order will develop and deliver a within 3 days , completing a circle of efficiency, ranging from personalized customer service and excellence in materials, finish, or transport service DHL exprés (one or two days)

Artisanal manufacturing.

We make short productions, with different interests from industrial, close to emotional involvement with art.

If your hands are leaving a trail in everything they touch, the last track, is the moccasin.

How we make our moccasins?

Small details make a big difference: leather a little better, finishing more got closer and development .


Direct communication between the client and TallerMocasin offers new possibilities:

The letter asked:

  • Choose the color (30 colors)
  • The size (from 18 to 50)
  • Width: Standart, Holgado, or Clingy

Customize the various parts Moccasin:

Selecting the color of each and previewing the result, by applying our Flash .

The customer is important, and personalized service our competitive advantage.

We do not buy and re-sell, do what you ask us directly, giving value to your idea.

Who else gives you something?


  • Plush:Suede finish (no shine).
  • Skin: Grain leather finish (glossy)
  • Fantasy: Snakelike. Rolled gold, silver.
  • Lined calfskin


Our moccasins are hand-sewn and beaded on horma

We use fur quality cow from Spain, giving us chance to make a better selection and control.


Premium Materials.

Strict control of finished.

Our way of doing

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